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Faculty and Scientists
Name Designation Email Telephone
Prof Akhilesh Kumar Tyagi Executive Director edoffice[at] +91-172-4990300
Dr Vikas Rishi Scientist E vikasrishi[at] +91-172-4990119
Dr Joy k Roy Scientist D joykroy[at] +91-172-4990106
Dr Ajay Kumar Pandey Scientist D pandeyak[at] +91-172-4990113
Dr Siddharth Tiwari Scientist C siddharth[at] +91-172-4990124
Sh Shrikant Subhash Mantri Scientist C shrikant[at] +91-172-4990104
Dr Sukhvinder Pal Singh Scientist C spsingh[at] +91-172-4990123
Dr Monika Garg Scientist C monikagarg[at] +91-172-4990105
Dr Kanthi Kiran Kondepudi Scientist C kiran[at] +91-172-4990128
Dr Mahendra Bishnoi Scientist C mbishnoi[at] +91-172-4990126
Dr Koushik Mazumder Scientist C koushik[at] +91-172-4990127
Dr Nitin Kumar Singhal Scientist C nitin[at] +91-172-4990125
Dr Santosh Kumar Upadhyay DST Inspire Faculty santosh[at] +91-172-4990117
Dr Sudhir Pratap Singh Project Scientist sudhirsingh[at] +91-172-4990131
Dr Shailesh Sharma Project Scientist shailesh.sharma[at] +91-172-4990120
Sh Ashutosh Pandey Project Scientist ashutosh[at] +91-172-4990130